5 Essential Things You Can Get to Learn in a Popular Bartender Institution


You believe it or not but being a bartender requires a lot of efforts, patient, and training. After all, this job is much more than serving your customers with their requested drink. Whether it has been your dream to open your own bar or you’ve decided to get a job in a reputable and a renowned bar as a barback, opting for bartending classes is essential. Oftentimes, people take this specific task for granted; however, it is worth noting that bartending isn’t something that could be learned from a book.

If you really wish to provide premium services to your clients and earn a considerable amount of income through this amazing job then it is worth to join a well-known bartending teaching center such as Ecole du Bar de Montreal. Besides teaching you the tips to interact with the customers, these sessions help you get adequate information about diverse types of cocktail and lingo. Here’s what else they teach:

  • A proper pouring

In recent times, to fill the glass appropriately without over pouring the drink neither spilling it is perhaps considered to be one of the major challenges for a bartender. In fact, even the professional bartenders over-pour the drink leading to the wastage of the liquor. A professional bartender teacher can help you learn the basics of how to fill up the cup properly without letting the liquid drop on the floor.

  • Communicate with clients

Learning to communicate with your client is indeed an essential skill. If you are unable to engage in a decent yet exciting conversation with the customers, you might miss a chance to make them your regular customers. Note that it is not only the drink that your customers come to your bar for. Instead, customer services, sanitation, and not to mention, a positive attitude are other essential factors that has to be taken into account.

  • Upselling offers

Upselling offers are the extra beverage or additional cocktail services provided with a specific order of a client. For instance, an Old Fashioned cocktail free with a Whisky or 20% discount for ordering more than 3 drinks. Do you know that 25% of the clients appreciate such offers? And chances are these customers would visit your bar frequently. A famous bartender teaching center will also teach you the upselling techniques to satisfy your customer to their fullest.

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