How an International School Can Boost Your Child’s University Chances

It is natural for any parent to want the best for their child and help them grow and succeed. One of the best ways to do this is by enrolling them in an international school. These are different from government, private, or public schools, and can offer many things that other schools cannot. Read on to find out why an international school is the best choice for your child.

The Curriculum Will Be High Quality

International schools are more often seen in large cities, or areas where there is a demand for English. Larger cities tend to have great international schools to offer because the large population drives up the demand for quality education. An international school in Bangkok of high quality is very easy to find because there are simply so many to choose from.

An international school will follow a curriculum that is typically valued on a global level. Most notably, these schools will follow the US or the UK curriculum. An international school will work to hire teachers from this country. Some will hire within the country; some will hire from the desired country only.

In addition to this, these schools will only hire teachers with a qualification to teach. Many will require this qualification to come from the desired country. What this does is ensure that your child is receiving a great education, taught by someone that comes from the country of the desired curriculum. That means this teacher will teach to the standard of their home country. If your child is trying to get into a university in this country, they will be much better prepared for this life abroad, both in terms of work expectations and cultural differences.

The Extra-Curricular Offerings Are Vast

Nearly all international schools offer much more than their other school counterparts when it comes to extra-curricular expectations. All international schools will offer some form of sports, and many will offer clubs for more serious players. International schools typically also place an emphasis on the arts and will offer extra time to practice music or refine art skills.

Many schools will also have special days, which are non-academic, but just as important. This can be in the form of a track and field day, a STEAM day, or even an international day. Through these activities and special days, students are exposed to an awareness of extra interests and other cultures. All of these factors help shape a more well-rounded individual, which is a trait that is desirable to many universities.