Principal Personal Wellness: Administrative Burnout


Principal burnout is like a dark cloud looming over the educational realm, dimming the shine of effective leadership and organizational prowess. Overwhelmed principals that are burdened by administrative tasks and tangled in interpersonal conflicts induce levels of emotional exhaustion that are causing burnout.

A frazzled principal has trickle down effects on the rest of a school. For example, consider the students— their education is directly related to the feelings of burnout in their principal. When burnout creeps in, so does the threat to the quality of learning.

Thankfully, schools are waking up to the urgency of the situation. They’re rolling up their sleeves and crafting strategies to tackle principal burnout head-on. From digging into the root causes to proactively implementing solutions such as a communication app for schools, educators are on a mission to create an environment where leaders can thrive, and education can flourish.

Interested in learning more about how principals are overcoming the burden of burnout? Take a moment to review the accompanying infographic for a glimpse into how these educators are reshaping the landscape for themselves and the generations of teachers and students to come.

Principal Personal Wellness: Administrative Burnout, was provided by Tuio Payments

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