Private Tutor 101: Some Tips to Make Private Home Tuition More Comfortable

Getting a private tutor for private home tuition is crucial for parents to help their children improve on their grades for specific subjects while also making learning more adaptable and fun. But even the best private home tutors admit that the process of tutoring and studying can eventually become monotonous and overwhelming. To make private home tuition more comfortable, and thus effective, here are some simple tips for students that are useful both inside and outside the private tuition environment. To find a reliable and qualified private tutor for your child, you can search for a private tutor at FamilyTutor.

Outside the Tutoring Sessions

Look for a study friend

It can be a classmate or a close school friend in the same grade level; studying outside of private tuition doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Having a “study buddy” can bring valuable motivation and support for both students. Both can then discuss concepts, share doubts and questions, and thus enhance further understanding of topics. Unanswered questions can then be directed at the private tutor during the tuition sessions. Studying thus becomes engaging and productive.

Improve on note-taking

Contrary to today’s technology, note-taking is still an essential tool for studying. However, some students eventually find the endless texts to be monotonous. To make note-taking more enjoyable and visually appealing, highlighters, coloured pens, and even stickers can be used. Aesthetically pleasing notes help to retain information better.

Break down the hard topics

Sometimes studying can feel overwhelming because of the large amount of information to process. Break down any difficult study material into smaller and manageable sections. Your study schedule should also include regular breaks to improve retention and prevent burnout. By studying smaller portions at a time, students can make studying more manageable and less of a struggle.

During Private Tuition Sessions

Using index cards

One old school but powerful tool that is still useful today is the use of index cards as flashcards. Both tutor and student can use this tool for memorising important information or data, recalling information, and to strengthen cognitive functions in studying. In connection to this, tutors can also use other visual aids like drawings and diagrams for more interactive learning.

Use games for learning

To prevent dull and mundane learning, private tutors can use numerous educational games available online. All they need is to research. Students can also research these games to use as practise activities. These learning games will challenge the student to improve on knowledge and skills.

Utilise online resources

Experienced private tutors know that they can get an endless supply of educational resources even for their specialised field or subject. This can make private tuition more engaging and enjoyable. Tutors can research on different platforms and sites that offer practise tests, exams, and exercises; video tutorials, and interactive learning materials. These resources can even provide different perspectives on specific topics and concepts and turn learning weaknesses into strengths. Tutors and students can also find online forums and communities that can connect with other tutors or students and provide other perspectives to learning.

Be patient

No two students are the same. All students have different needs, weaknesses and strengths. Part of the job of a private tutor is to be patient and provide encouragement to the student. Likewise, students can learn patience by slowly pushing their timidity aside and expose their genuine learning struggles for the tutor to see them, and do something about it.

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