5 Major Technology Trends in the Field Of Education


Technology has rapidly grown in the past decade and the growth is visible in almost all the fields starting from core fields like mechanical to non-core fields like marketing and education. The field of education has seen rapid strides due to technology. Almost everything is digitalized in education and almost all technology trends are being used in the field of education. Here are the five major tech trends that have completely changed the education field:

  • Digital Language Labs: Digital language labs like Robotel are used in tech savvy institutions to teach their students language easily. There are a lot of perks to digital language labs. The teacher can easily manage and keep an eye on each student’s performance. Teachers can also setup quizzes, exercises, audio visual presentations, and many other study materials right from their system. Students have individual assessments and the software takes care of the marking. Everything is digitalized.
  • Skill-Based Online Training: Online training is one of the major tech trends that have come in the field of education. With the help of online training, students can learn at their own pace while sitting in the comfort of their home. All they need to do is login to websites and start their online training journey.
  • Virtual Reality Training: Virtual Reality is one of the major fields of IT. Education has taken advantage of all advancements in VR as well. There are educational mobile applications that teach students basics about the world and the physics by placing them in a virtual world. Various other VR education applications are available on both android and iOS and even on regular desktops.
  • Augmented Reality Learning: Training using AR is one of the major trends in architecture. Architectural students in various universities use AR to map and learn the dimensions and various other aspects of building and designing a room or any kind of architectural setup. All this is possible due to AR.
  • Software-Based Training:There are many theoretical concepts that can be easily explained in a 3D setup. Photoshop and various other software are used to design and develop 3D imagery, which is then used to teach students according to their choice of subject. The applications are never ending.

Technology has always had a positive impact on the field of education and as and when new and innovative technologies come up, the field of education keeps on growing rapidly.

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