Benefits of Taking Japanese Language Classes


Many are fascinated by Japan thanks to its unique and captivating culture, popular Manga and Anime, Harajuku style, and much more. The Japanese community can be found in many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Philippines, China, Peru, Canada, Indonesia, etc. Meanwhile, Brazil becomes the country with the largest Japanese community. That’s why learning Japanese is a great choice. Here are some benefits of taking Japanese language classes.

1.     It Is Not as Hard as People Think

Because the Japanese use different alphabets and vowels, most people consider this language difficult to learn. The truth is, Nihongo is not as hard as you think. Once you start learning Japanese characters, you will find it easier than you thought at first. With regular practice, you will master to read and write hiragana.

2.     Opens Up More Job Opportunity

There so many Japanese companies all over the world. Japan owns the third-largest economy in the world. By knowing how to communicate in Japanese, you will have bigger job prospects. You can either start looking for a job in Japan or applying for a job in Japan’s company in your own country. Besides, you can try other jobs that are now possible for you. Those jobs include tour guide, Japanese tutor, flight attendants, and many more.

3.     More Friends Online

Nowadays, there are so many platforms that allow you to interact with people around the globe. You will not only make friends through your Japanese language classes but also online platforms such as Langmate, Meetup, or International Friends of Japan in Facebook Groups. You can also excel in your language through this Japanese community.

4.     Help You Understand the Japanese Culture

When taking Japanese language classes, you will study the language and the alphabet and their astonishing culture. You will learn the history of Japan, its unique traditions, the famous cherry blossom season, jaw-dropping natures, and how politely interact with other people that are mostly different from other countries.

5.     Help You Study Abroad

Japan is one of the countries that offer scholarships for international students. If you can speak in Japanese and know about hiragana, katakana and kanji, the chances to get the scholarships will be bigger. Being able to take formal classes in this country is, of course, a rewarding experience.

6.     Help You Distinguish Other Asian Language

If you consider Chinese, Korean, and Japanese to sound very similar, you will have more sensitive and trained ears once you learn Japanese. Distinguishing Japanese from another Asian language will be a piece of cake.

7.     Many Media to Learn

As the ninth most common language spoken language globally, you will be fascinated by how easy it is to look for things that will help you learn Nihongo. Anime and Japanese movies will help your listening skills, Manga will help your reading and writing skills, and Japanese songs help your pronunciation.

With more than 130 million people speak Japanese, there is no reason for you to hesitate to take a Japanese language class. Start joining one and see how this language skill takes you to a higher level.

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