Best Paysafecard Casino Sites in Australia

Paysafe is a company that provides pre-paid payment options for depositing to online casinos. The Paysafecard casinos allow users to play pokies for real money. This is the reason for such a hype around pre-paid cards since there are many other available methods for depositing to online casinos. 

Why do Paysafe so popular? 

On our gambling journey, we have seen hundreds of Australian Online Pokies that Accept Paysafe , so it’s time to tell you the truth about Paysafe. The company has its roots in Austria, Viena. Paysafe launched its first pre-paid cards in 2000. From that time, the company became world-known as a leading producer of prepaid solutions. Nowadays, their services are available in more than 37 countries. In general, more than 4,000 online shops, casinos, and other sites accept Paysafe cards.  

2015 was the revolutionary year for the company since they merged with the Ukash company and confirmed its leading position on the market. It became stronger, selling cards in 450,000 outlet stores over the world. The point is clear. People buy cards with cash for any sum and receive a 16-digit PIN. After, you come home and enter this 16-digit pin code in the cashier section on the website. It’s important that the site accept Pre-paid cards as a payment method. So, if you want to discover the best pokies that accept Paysafe, click on the link above. 

About the payment method

As we told you in the beginning, the card has a 16-digit PIN code. So, in order to deposit the cash to an online casino account, you need to enter the code in the special cashier section on a casino website. Then, the money will be transferred to your account almost instantly. An important note is that you don’t have to share your personal details with the casino, but only if the casino accepts Paysafe cards. Therefore, your private data is protected. In general, there are cards of values such as $10, $25, $50, and $100. 

However, we should mention that Paysafe cards allow only to make deposits. There is no chance to withdraw money. It’s a pre-paid card with a fixed amount of money on it. So, if you buy the card and enter the code on the site, you cannot refuse it. Remember that! That’s why there are various payment methods to withdraw money in Paysafe online casinos. Usually, these are banking cards, e-wallets, or crypto wallets. 

Advantages of Using Paysafe 

  • Instant Deposits. Pre-paid cards transfer money to online casino websites almost instantly. You just enter the code and wait a couple of seconds for money to appear on the balance. If you have ever deposited using banking cards, you know what it means to sit and wait for a few hours. 
  • Easy of Use. The ability to just enter the code and receive the money blows the mind. In addition, the Paysafe card is accessible for everyone. So, no matter how old you are or where you are, you can buy a Paysafe card and insert the code on the website.
  • Anonymity. Nobody will know who insert the code on the website. The biggest advantage of the pre-paid system is anonymity. Paysafe casinos provide top security for players who deposit using pre-paid cards to make deposits. Also, it saves time on filling up the personal information to make the deposit.