Product Management: Voice of the Market

Product management is the process of business that deals with the product roadmap. The product roadmap comprises a wider ambit that mainly comprises the ways and steps for the products and services to float them in the market. So, product management is the pursuit of planning, analysis, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of the product and services.

It encompasses the entire lifecycle from intellection to development and up to its final destination, the market. To understand it better, let us consider an example. There is a company dealing with its product that is associated with selling microprocessors and is communicating with stakeholders so that they can know more about the customer requirements.

Product Management Lifecycle

There are stages involved in the lifecycle of product management, and it is heavily dependent on the below steps:


In this stage, creativity and innovation occur because, at the very initial stage, there is a need for a plethora of thoughts to initiate the development of the product. It is majorly done with the help of market observation and data collected from previous trends & customer demand.


In this phase, a detailed inspection takes place to determine the elements and structure of the product. The separation of the fundamental component of the product is distributed here, and contextualization of components is one of the necessary parts of this stage.


The pivot of this stage is performance over the given input. Here the actual growth and expansion get started. Distinct and standardized attributes are taught in the product. The work is on the degree to which a product satisfies a specified set of attributes and requirements.


It is a way to check whether the given product generates the desired output for the given input or as per the customer’s requirements. Evaluation and verification are the critical characteristics of the testing stage.


It is the action of placing the product at its final destination where it is meant for. It is the easiest way to scale and manage the product. The deployment models vary from product to product.


It comprises sets of processes for the continuous evaluation of the product after the deployment of the product in the market.

Need for Product Management

Construct once and trade many times. To keep pace with the market and to be updated with the scales of the economy, it is necessary to build the product and services to have more profitability and affordability.

Expertise in product and market ensures that the customer will buy the product. Furthermore, this step will keep evolving progress and expanding with the market.

Harmonize market and customer, the footsteps involved in product management help to dive deep into the sea and result in more data collection about the market and customer and turn lead within the businesses.

Career Opportunities

There are many jobs available within product management.

Associate Product Manager (Entry-level)

It is an entry-level job in product management, and they report day-to-day tasks to the product manager. They need their choice of assignments and work to choose from. Their responsibilities might overlap with those of a product manager, including defining features, UI design, and asking for recommendations.

Mid-level Product Managers

They are responsible for the roadmap, strategy, and features of the product. They work with engineers and management teams to pursue accurate data analysis, forecasting, and market research. They need strong leadership skills, proficiency in the product, and demonstrable skills.

Senior Product Managers

They act as a link between the product management team and business leaders. They manage higher-level products and usher junior-level product managers to strategize the task more significantly. Skills required for them are critical thinking and dealing with conflicts. Their responsibilities include setting the profit goal for a product. The senior product manager majorly determines product success, and they have a habit of learning things with the advancement of time.

Executive Level Product Managers

They are responsible for setting long-term goals and defining sustainable product strategies. They typically report to the CEO, oversee all the production activities in an organization, and are concerned with significant initiatives & promotion and maintenance of products on the most significant business impact. Their responsibilities include budgeting, strategic sighting, communication, and leadership at the higher level of an organization.

Core Skills Required In Product Management

  • Tactical and judicial thinking
  • Business Mindset
  • Clear and lucid communication
  • Listening capability
  • Technical competency
  • Collaborative behavior
  • Explicit project management
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ability to synthesize and absorb the knowledge
  • UX framework

Earning Potential In Product Management

A career is both exciting and rewarding in this field. According to Glassdoor, product managers earn $158,271per year, and demand for product managers is rising because of emerging markets and technology. A product manager has a very indispensable and significant role in the whole product management cycle and has the right to intervene at any stage. The job of product management demands skills and time & investment in building all this. They need to coordinate well with every aspect of the surroundings of product development.


Product management is essential and becoming strategic and essential in this growing market and technologically oriented environment. Product management regulates the market’s competitiveness and provides a robust and lucid way to develop and deploy products and services. So, certification in product management can play a crucial role in gaining the skill of product management.

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