Commonly Asked C# Interview Questions

It can seem like the most challenging task to get a job as a freelancer in the best company. Many people are learning programs, and the software industry has cutthroat competition at every level. When it comes to hiring, employers hire talented programmers over paper programmers.

People with no experience but just a degree are referred to as paper programmers. Employers find it essential to ask various questions that help them evaluate candidates’ knowledge. Without proper preparations, candidates can find it difficult to answer and ensure that they utilize exemplary interview preparations.

Check out some of the vital C# interview questions to get a precise understanding of the technical concepts of the language. Before we move forward with the anticipating questions and answers, ensure that you know in detail about the C# language.

What is C#?

C# is a C-based programming language developed two decades ago. From web services to desktop applications, the programming language is a popular choice in the programming language. C# has a significant difference when compared to C++. C# is a component-based language, but C++ is an object-oriented language. As a result, C++ is lightweight when compared to C#. However, modern systems significantly influence the C# programming language, especially game development kits.

Let’s start with C# interview questions

What is a class?

A class comprises all properties and methods using which you can generate many instances of objects. A single class is a template to generate an object.

Can you tell me about the core idea of object-oriented programming?

When the interviewer asks you these kinds of C# interview questions, it is crucial to emphasize the main concepts like encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, and inheritance. These concepts can be asked as separate questions, so it is better to have a proper understanding of every concept, and it will be helpful for the candidates in the job. Object-oriented programming and procedural programming are way too different. People prefer Object-oriented programming for its flexibility.

What is an object?

Like class, the object is a crucial element of programming, so ensure that you know the fundamentals. In a nutshell, an object is an instance of a class using which you can access a class’s functions. Using the “new” keyword, you can create an object. Information like functions, data members, and the behavior of the class will be held in memory.

Define a constructor and its types.

 A constructor is a unique method but has the same name as a class. Though a constructor is not generated, the compiler endeavors to create a default constructor in memory when creating a class’s object.

The constructor is helpful when you want to initialize the object with default values. The different types of constructors include private constructors, copy constructors, parameterized constructors, and static constructors.

Explain the purpose of destructors in C#.

It’s pretty easier to remember as constructors are created in memory, and contrasting that, destructors clear out the memory. It helps empty resources, and the garbage collector automatically manages the operation.

Is namespace mandatory?

A namespace is not mandatory in a class as it is just a way to sort the same group’s classes or functionality under the same name.

What is encapsulation?

As said earlier, employers would prefer these kinds of C# interview questions as it helps them evaluate the candidate’s knowledge in the programming language. Encapsulation is a simple process of wrapping data members and functions together in class. With encapsulation, you can prevent unnecessary data modification from an external source.

What do you know about abstraction?

Abstraction is a concept of hiding unwanted details and providing only necessary information. With the abstraction method, it will be easier to grant access to particular functionality and evaluate how it performs.

Explain polymorphism

One word having various forms is known as polymorphism, and it is intended to specify that an object can have many functionalities. It is crucial to know more about polymorphism as most employers would consider asking C# interview questions that are basic yet essential.

When the interviewer questions you about two different types of polymorphism, don’t forget to tell them about static or dynamic polymorphism. You can explain these two concepts with suitable examples. It will let the interviewer understand your C# programming language knowledge.

Define data types in C#

Though these kinds of C# interview questions are essential, you can explain the data types in detail. The three types are value data types, reference data types, and pointer data types. You can learn about these data types and ensure employers evaluate your technical knowledge accurately.

Explain multithreading

A thread is the program’s execution path, and each thread defines a unique flow of control. Threads are a lightweight process that prevents high CPU cycle wastage and enhances the efficiency of every application. Multithreading is a process that incorporates many threads in a single process.

Other C# interview questions:

  • Name the different types of classes in C#.
  • Difference between managed and unmanaged code.
  • How do you implement exception handling in C#?
  • Explain boxing and unboxing.
  • Explain the array and its use.
  • Explain an escape sequence and also name the sentences.

These are the commonly asked C# interview questions that you should learn. Many questions are not listed above, but you can start learning the essential and basic concepts of C#. It is crucial to understand critical topics from the basics.

If you don’t understand the basics, it won’t be easy to work on real-time projects after getting selected for the job. Many paper programmers have a hard time completing their tasks at a job as they don’t have a complete understanding. Ensure that you learn well and show how interested you are in working as a programmer in the organization.

Get ready to face the C# interview questions

When you are starting the C# interview preparations, it is crucial to know what you have to learn. So, first off, review and enhance your coding skills. You can leave a good impression when you are thoroughly prepared for the interview. The essential categories are OOP principles, Abstraction vs. Encapsulation, overriding, polymorphism, and its types.

The software testing industry assured a great career when you completed the highly-coveted programming language. Ensure that you start learning after researching the role. The programmer’s job description varies from one company to another, and it is crucial to understand the crucial concepts.

Research the skill sets required and brush up on your skills before attending the interview. When you have the right skills, the employer would prefer you as the best fit for the programming job.


When you attend an interview for a programming job, it is essential to utilize technical and critical-thinking. C# is a robust programming language used in Windows and many other operating systems. As the most sought-after operating programming language, it is crucial to understand C# properly. Give the ideal answer when the interviewer asks tough C# interview questions.