How you can Do Effective Writing in IELTS

Writing has always performed a leading role in the area of communication because the primitive occasions. Even though most advanced technology has had the way of communication to a different horizon, writing is not substituted. There’s a famous saying ‘Pen is mightier than sword’. One, who uses the pen effectively and judiciously, can express themself/herself impeccably. The indispensable purpose of writing would be to convey the content inside a subtle way in one person to a different. Writing test in IELTS can last for an hour, and candidates have to complete two tasks, because both versions requires different text types (description, letter, report, discussion, argument, opinion text).

A highly effective writing in IELTS depends upon the different factors:


Task response Grammatical precision

Lexical Vocabulary Coherence and Cohesion

Task Response

The Job 1 (150-180) and Task 2 (250-280) must be designed in an hour.

Candidates must do not use more or under the needed word limit as the likelihood of sounding the subject (when writing more) or penalty (when writing less) can there be. The information should apply to the problem which needs to be discussed within the writing task.

For instance:

Education may be the best element in the introduction of a rustic. Would you agree? Do you know the factors that are usually associated with academic success in high-school students? Do the benefits of study abroad justify the down sides? What advice can you offer to prospective students?Within this subject, we have to discuss the issues and solutions that are being requested instead of emphasizing just the essential requirement of your practice.

Lexical Vocabulary and Grammar precision

How you can do Effective Writing in IELTS

Candidates must take grammar and spelling into account. There must be proper sentence formation and vocabulary.

For Instance:

Mrs. Rita gave the resume towards the interviewer.

Mrs. Rita posted the resume towards the interviewer.

Students who would like better scores will invariably reckon the grammatical usage within an apt way.

Coherence and Cohesion

Cohesion refers back to the connectivity of text whereas coherence refers back to the understanding degree of writing. Sentences require a lucid and arranged pattern in which candidates can provide their idea. Sentences inside the sentences might be linked together in one sentence to a different by other ways.

Repeating important words

Substituting the pronouns like ‘it’, ‘these’ and ‘this’.

Using synonyms

Using linking words Example ‘however’, ‘moreover’, ‘furthermore’, ‘consequently’ may be used to show the complex relationship between ideas.

When choosing a reliable IELTS writing correction services, you should rest assured to receive complete evaluation of the provided writing tasks. They would identify the errors and make or suggest the appropriate replacements. They would also offer you valuable feedback and essential guidance.