Which New Language Should You Learn?

When you need to spread out your business globally, you need to communicate. Language is the only medium by which you can reach up to the people. But what if you are not having knowledge.

Well that should not be a hurdle in the way of improvement and growth. When it is only about any language then that should be overcome. Learning any new language is not a hard task to accomplish. It is easy!!!

But the main challenge comes when you need to choose which language to learn. That is the main challenge as learning all languages at a time is not possible. But reaching out to maximum people with a common understandable global language is possible.

Learning can be for other reason

Let me also tell, always learning language is not for business but for relocation or for studying at foreign lands or for personal reasons too. Some people has the hobby of learning new languages and be experts in maximum languages.

If you are a native speaker only, then English can be a language choice which would surely reach you out to maximum of people around the world. SIMON and SIMON London suggests people to learn this language and have expertise on this first to step out of your native land.  It can at least help you to communicate the basic things. Also learning English is not so tough as we all are very much acquainted with this language now.

Options for you to learn

And in case your native language is English, then choosing the languages having similarity with this one will make the task easier. Here are some of them which can be easier to learn for English speaking people:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Arabic

Which one to learn?

Spanish has been listed at the first as:

  • It is being widely accepted and communicable language in nearly 23 countries. This language has been considered the 2nd popular spoken language in USA. UNO has also declared this language as the official language too. Learning this one would help you in any of the above mentioned aspects. Whether it is your career or your business, learning Spanish can help you a lot.
  • German is must if you are seeking business growth or career extension in a developed country like Germany. Many of us get into this country for its future prospects. So learning this could also help to set up and communicate in this part of the world.
  • French and Dutch are both easy to learn if your native language is English or you speak English well. They are very similar and can also be gripped very fast.
  • Mandarin and Arabic should not be overlooked as many parts which are developing have this language speaking people. Though it is a bit hard to learn, yet can be leaned within 2000 hours of study.

If you are into the hobby of travelling around, then Russian and Chinese language would be a great use to you. They would help you to communicate and explore.

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