How to maintain the Booster Club Legalities in 2018

Booster clubs or non-profit organisations are not the legal part of any school district. Each and every booster club should have a personal tax identification number. Though, there are several ways by which you can exempt from tax identification number with maintaining the booster club legalities.

The main motive of booster foundation or booster club is to offer the financial assistance or support in order to acquire the main goals of booster programs.

Though booster clubs are intended to hold different purposes bit some of them are listed below:

Some Quick facts about the Booster Clubs:

Find below few main purposes of Booster Clubs

There are different purposes which are usually served by the booster clubs. Keep one thing in mind that these purposed are not confined in any shell. These purposes can expand as well as confine as per the booster club legalities.

  • Educational programs
  • Facilitation of field trips
  • Sports programs and other sport related events
  • Buying required supplies for the schools, be it electric or communicative
  • Scholarships for students
  • Conduction and organization of activities
  • Any other cause or any other specific purpose

Laws around Booster Clubs

Though having the booster club is a little easy task keeping your booster club legal is a daunting task. Rules for running a booster club are easy to create but difficult to follow because there is a huge difference between the theoretical life and practical life.

Booster clubs are a legal and official component of school and approval from the schools is necessary but there are several casualties which have to be performed by the booster club itself.

According to laws, booster club should follow the basic Rules for Running a Booster club in order to keep your booster club legal. So, according to booster club legalities, some below rules are responsibilities should be served by the booster club itself.

Rules for running a Booster Club and Laws around Booster Club to follow:

  • Booster club should elect the officers on the basis of the process defined by the laws.
  • Preparation, acceptance and adoption of the documents.
  • A booster club should have the tax identification number for the further proceedings.
  • Status of the tax, status of financial and accounting records and their maintenance comes under the responsibility of the booster club, as per the law.
  • The responsibility of the internal as well as external audit remains with the booster club.
  • Identification of officers, sponsors and participation remains with the booster club only.