What Makes Daycare in Bethesda Special: It’s more than the location!

Located just outside of the Nation’s capital, Bethesda is a flourishing urban municipality situated in southern Montgomery County, Maryland. With many working families among it’s estimated population of 63,000-plus (2019), there certainly is a great need for daycare in Bethesda MD. And, not only do Bethesda residents benefit from the high-quality child care these institutions deliver; but families and residents from nearby communities also find them of great value.

So, what makes these child caring facilities so special?

Fulfilling a Need

It’s true, that proximity to the nation’s capital, as in the case of Bethesda, does bring value to a town, city or community. Many working families, with employment in and around the Capital city, find putting roots in nearby communities convenient. As a result, they tap into the local services available – like child care and higher education. And the Montgomery Child Care Association (MCCA) understands that need.

But child care in Bethesda MD owes it reputation to more than just the city’s location. There are a host of factors that parents and guardians find invaluable, and which make day care centers, operating in the city, invaluable to the care and wellbeing of their children:

  • TRUST: When working families, especially those with two working parents, look for day care options, they typically choose operators from in and around their communities. That’s because they trust a local establishment – not because of its proximity to home, but because of the many local residents that work there too
  • QUALITY: Day care facilities overseen by MCCA, and operating in the community, offer high-quality care and learning to the children enrolled there. The centers follow State-approved curriculums, and ensure children are cared for in line with modern principles of early childhood education
  • MULTI-FACETED LEARNING: MCCA centers, that provide daycare in Bethesda MD, follow the Creative Curriculum®, a program of care and instruction designed to deliver the most extensive learning experience to young kids. The wide-ranging scope of the curriculum helps with multi-faceted development of young minds, including Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, the Arts and English Language Acquisition
  • SAFETY: Safety is a prime factor in every MCCA child care facility. From the moment parents drop their kids, to the time the children are picked up at the end of the care-day – and every interaction in-between – kids are kept safe and secure. And safety extends beyond the children, into the domain of staff, administrators and employees at the center.

Beyond the Basics

Children are a major stress point for adults, especially when the kids are outside the home. Parents and guardians need certainty that their children are safe and cared for at a day care center. It is that need, once fulfilled, that gives them peace of mind to carry-on with their work day.

Child care in Bethesda MD,  at an MCCA center, offers a safe and nurturing environment for kids. And that’s a need that every parent and guardian is eager to address. In addition, children need professional oversight, licensed trainers, caring staff and passionate leaders to make child care what it is. And that’s a need that MCCA-trained and supervised child care professionals offer.