Get your baby moving like a grown-up – What strategies to adopt?

Babies require moving themselves just as adults. The only issue with them is that they can’t do it themselves. When you have a newborn at home, you will know that he can wiggle and some can even roll if he is a pre-crawler. However, this is not similar to any big movement occupying space. Being a mom, you have to know that the movement sense of the baby is there inside the inner ear and it is developed during the initial trimester of pregnancy. Hence, before the ‘mumma’ says goodbye to morning sickness, your baby already says hello to the sense of movement.

Then how are you supposed to make sure your baby gets moving as soon as possible? Can you follow any strategy to help them move before time? Should you use a baby bouncer or any other helping aid in order to assist him in moving fast? Here are few strategies.

#1: Wear your baby by using a baby carrier

Baby carriers are often deemed as famous gears for promoting the bonding between the baby and the parent but apart from creating this bonding, when you wear your baby in a sling or in a carrier, this also provides the baby with opportunities to naturally move with the rhythm of life. He will tend to learn sitting, walking and stopping sooner. However, make sure you choose a baby carrier which is perfect according to the body of your baby.

#2: Dance along with your tot

If you’re a music lover, you can turn on your favorite sound track and hold your baby and dance with him. Spin him carefully all over the house, trying different positions like the airplane posture or the cuddling out posture. Move, bounce and spin while you hold your tot close to you. However, make sure you stop for at least 30 seconds so that you can give the brain and vestibular system of your baby the chance to register all that movement. When you dance with your baby, this is the best way in which you can set your baby to roll.

#3: Play a lot with your baby

If you have a pre-crawler, he will definitely enjoy movement that you do with your exercise balls. If you have an exercise ball at the gym, they are the greatest ways in which you can make the baby understand tummy time. Babies usually hate this but if you can find out a fun way to give your baby a chance to rock, bounce or roll back, he will love it. He will also learn to roll back and forth sooner.

#4: Allow him to bounce on his own

As your baby can initiate the bouncy movement on his own, what’s the use in getting your babies different movement aid? Instead you can let them bounce on their own and learn the movement experience. Even if you give him a bouncer, don’t allow him to spend more than 10 minutes in it.

Henceforth, if you want your baby to learn to move faster, make sure you follow the above listed strategies as a trick to facilitate the process.